Our Tooth Whitening Gels

Tooth Fairy® supplies customers all over the world.

There are different laws in each country for the level of peroxide allowed in tooth whitening gels.

To know your law in your own country please look at the table below. Tooth Fairy® will send which tooth whitening gels are legal for you in your country. This depends on your profession and where you live.
Tooth Fairy® supplies both the professional and retail market. Both professional and retail products have the legal gel inside for your country but only the treatment time and application is different.

If you have further questions about our tooth whitening products please contact us.


Country contains 6% hydrogen peroxide (HP)
which equals 16% Carbamide Peroxide (CP)
0.1% peroxide (sodium percarbonate)
Canada and USA Salons, public, dentists -
Europe and the UK Dentists with proof of a certificate Salons, public
Switzerland Dentists and Dental Hygienists with proof of a certificate Salons, public