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Tooth Whitening Starter Set


Tooth Fairy LED Tooth Whitening System

Tooth Fairy products are produced by a dental professional who has been internationally retailing Tooth Crystals within the professional beauty and hair market since 1999.
Tooth Fairy is already famous for top quality products, training and customer support.

Tooth Whitening with a LED light was inspired within the beauty, hair and nail market due to a change in cosmetic laws. The law has changed into “one does not have to be a dentist to perform this treatment since it is now a cosmetic product”.
This change has inspired Tooth Fairy to expand their already existing Tooth Whitening products to include Tooth Whitening with a LED light. This Tooth Whitening system allows you to provide a quick, easy and affordable treatment to your client!

Many people have always dreamed about having their teeth whitened but found it was too expensive to have the treatment within a dental office. The treatment price for the client has been reduced within the salons making it more affordable for people to whiten their teeth. You will charge the client between £70-150, €70-150, CHF 120-250 for one complete treatment.


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Purchase a Prof. Tooth Whitening Starter Set and receive 10 free Tooth Whitening Treatments and a free Tooth Fairy Tooth Crystal Starter Kit

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Tooth Whitening Starter Set

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Tooth Fairy® believes Tooth Whitening is the trendiest and largest profit making treatment in today’s beauty, hair and nail market. We have opened our own Cosmetic Tooth Whitening Centre to provide the service to the public. Tooth Fairy attends 40 beauty and hair exhibitions throughout Europe each year where we will be launching our new Tooth Whitening System into every country.


Our Tooth Whitening Centre

The centre in Buchs

The centre in Buchs


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