(Non Member Price) LED-Tooth Whitening Kit Method 1 (6% HP)

(Non Member Price) LED-Tooth Whitening Kit Method 1 (6% HP)

Method 1 is chosen if the client’s teeth are without extensive dental work within their smile zone.

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This method is performed by simply filling a bleaching tray with gel, sliding it into your client’s mouth, shining the LED light onto the client’s smile zone and programming the LED light. You will program the LED light for 15 minutes repeating the procedure 2-3 times for one treatment. Method 1 will increase the whiteness of the client’s teeth 3 to 7 tooth colour shades.

The kit of Method 1 contains:

  • 1 - 10 ml Tooth Whitening gel (6% HP)
  • 2 - Trays
  • 1 - Cotton buds
  • 1 - Napkin for the neck
  • 1 - Colour shade guide
  • 1 - Instructions for use


Our Tooth Whitening Gels

This product contains 6% hydrogen peroxide and will only be supplied to the following countries and markets:
- USA (public and professional)
- Canada (public and professional)
- European / EU (dentists with proof of a certificate) and
- Swiss (dentists and Dental Hygienists) with proof of a certificate).

Our gels are made in the USA and are the best quality. All safety tests have been done to sell these products throughout Europe, Canada and the USA.


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